Friday, November 11, 2005

Brandon is Home!

Zachary's friend Brandon finally went home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. That was a very long week for the whole family. He is doing well. He will be on very strong oral antibiotics for a few weeks and will have to have blood tests every 3 days for a while. He will go back to school next Tuesday after a checkup with his doctor on Monday. I know Alyson is ready to get back to a "normal" life.

I have been volunteering in the library at the boys' school this year. I went in yesterday to help with the Scholastic Book Fair and found out that the librarian (she's also the art teacher) left. Nobody's saying what happened??? They already filled the art teacher position, but are looking for someone to do the library. They asked one of the other volunteers, but she's not interested. I told the assistant principal yesterday that I might be interested. It is a paid position (I think about 10 hours a week). The biggest factor will be Benjamin. They have preschool/daycare there and Mr. Olona hinted something might be able to be worked out. The great thing is we would get some kind of a discount on the boys' tuition. It would be worth it just for that no matter what the pay is. So I'm praying and thinking about it. I might try to talk to the principal this afternoon when I pick the boys up.

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