Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mom's going back to work!

After 12 years of being a stay at home mom, I'm going back to work! I had an interview this morning and now I am the new librarian at Evangel Christian Academy where Zachary and Jonathan attend. I start tomorrow. It's part time, 4 mornings a week. The 1st - 6th grade classes come in once a week for 45 minutes. So I will do those classes and keep up with the checking and shelving of books. My budget is whatever we make off the Scholastic Book Fair twice a year. I will have a huge project to begin with. The school purchased a cataloging program a few years ago that has not even been used yet. I'll have to figure out what needs to be done with that. I'm very excited. I went shopping after my interview this morning for some new pants. Just about all I wear is jeans, but no jeans at school! Oh, I don't get a discount on tuition, but they will take Benjamin in the preschool while I'm working no charge!

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