Sunday, January 08, 2006

Red Dishcloth

Here is a dishcloth I made from a new pattern book I got. If you look at it right you can see 3D cubes. The stitches are easy, just knit and purl, but you really have to pay attention to the pattern.

The first week of homeschooling Zachary went well. I hope he keeps up the good attitude! We observed the Rio Grande Homeschool Band last week and he starts for real tomorrow in the intermediate band. The director is really nice and great with the kids. I think Zachary is really going to enjoy it. There are 2 other saxophones (both girls!) and about 15 kids in all.

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Anonymous said...

Tim wants to know if that is knit two - purl two or what?
We are all looking at it. We see the 3-D look with our 3-D glasses! WOW! Pyschedelic man! Actually it is very nice! How much would it cost to order a whole set for my Mexican style kitchen? Tim and I think the homeschool band is great!! They don't have that around here. I am happy that things are going good for Zachary!

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