Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My fun morning!

So here's my big exciting morning. I took Jon to school then went and had my annual mammogram. I just love being squished! If you haven't tried it (and you are a woman) you really should - most fun you'll have all year! Then I had an hour and a half to kill until a dermatologist appointment. So I decied to treat myself to a pedicure. That's only like the third time I've had one, but I think I'm hooked. And now my toes look pretty. So then it was off to the dermatologist. I had a spot on my shoulder when I made the appointment, but it had sort of peeled off and went away by last week. But I wanted to keep the appoinment anyway just for a whole body check. I've never had one, but with my red hair and freckles and bad sunburns as a kid I knew I should. She found one growth on my neck that she froze off. Then there was a mole on my leg that didn't look right, so she did a biopsy on that one. They stuck me with a needle to deaden the area (ouch - that hurt) then used what looked like a mini cheese slicer to slice it off. It's probably nothing, but I'll find out more in a few days. Then I came home and made banana bread - yum!

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Reed Family said...

Ouch! I haven't had one yet but I know that day will come. They may need to install pullies to lift them up to even put the ladies on the waffle iron! Hee! Hee!

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