Monday, June 12, 2006

Bunco Day!

It's been a busy day! The boys and I all had dentist appointments this morning. Then I baked a cake and have been cleaning house and getting ready for Bunco. Bunco is a social dice game (not gambling!). I play with a group of Christian ladies once a month. I look forward to it every month. Every woman should have some regular "girl" time. This is my month to host.

While getting ready this morning I had a very interesting phone call. It was a man who is a very distant relative and he found my name while researching his family. He had mailed me some information but it had been returned (the house number was wrong). So he called me. I gave him my email address and he sent me the information. My family and his are descended from 2 brothers from England. The brother I am descended from came to the US in 1850 with a group of members from the Mormon church. He later moved to California. Very interesting and timely! I will be seeing this part of my family at the reunion this weekend. My uncle has done some research into this part of the family too. So we will compare notes. The other interesting thing is he googled me and found this blog! It's a little scary how much you can find out about a person on the internet.

Tomorrow will be spent doing laundry and packing for our trip. We leave Wednesday!

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Connie said...

Yes it is ... Bunko is gambling!!! I play all the time ... Ha! Just kidding .. givin' you a hard time! ha!
That is very interesting about the distant relative ... and yes, you can look up just about anybody on google .. ha! very scary ...

I missed you at Heart Beat Monday ... did you get your messages on your Xanga blog? ... have you been chatting with your partner? There are over 140 people so I really don't know if everyone is contacting each other .. just wanted to check in!!

I know you are looking forward to family reunion ...I talked to your sister and she plans to be there ...

Have a blessed day!

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