Thursday, June 01, 2006

June already!?

Can it really be June already? This year is flying by. But our vacation is getting close and I am so excited. We will be going to a family reunion in Dallas June 16-17. This is my mother's family. My mother died when I was 8, but this will be my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousins and their families plus my 2 sisters and their families and my dad and stepmom. It will be the first time my grandmother has had all 11 of her great grandchildren together and the first time my sisters and I have had all 9 of our kids together. After the reunion we will drive to Springfield, MO to spend a few days with our dear friends, Jack and Lori Trewern. They moved from here a few months ago and we all miss them terribly. We will be going to Silver Dollar City in Branson. Fun!!!

Next week, Zachary is going to camp with the church youth group. He'll be gone Mon-Fri. Jonathan and Benjamin are going to VBS at a baptist church near here next week in the evenings. It will be nice to actually have a little time to myself (If I can convince Benjamin to stay without me!)

Guess I'm done for now. Jonathan wants to use the computer!

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Connie said...

Wow, how great you get to be with all your family at once ... I haven't seen some of my cousins since we were little ...
And you will be here in Dallas ... too bad we couldn't get together ... hummmmmm!
I love Silver Dollar City .. very nice up in that area ...
I have your Heart Beat partner for you ... her blog is
Hope I got that right! ha! The 3's kinda confused me at first ...
She's a lovely lady .. go by and introduce yourself ... even though you will be leaving on vacation soon, it will be okay ... I will take care of her while you're gone!
Kaye is going to be starting a land based Heart Beat group for your ladies group at your church ... I may be coming sometime in July to get it "kicked off" ... isn't that exciting ... God is doing some great things ... thanks for joining and being a part ... we are gonna have a lot of fun!
Have a great day for now ...
Hugs, Connie

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