Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's Saturday

Sorry all you faithful readers (that's you Melody!). I havent' posted in a week. I've been madly knitting a sweater and so haven't been on the computer much. The sweater is almost done, so maybe I'll have a pic in a day or two. It is turning out so cute. I can't wait to wear it.

Jonathan had his 3rd soccer game of the season today. It was a heartbreaker. The first game of the season was a blowout. We lost badly. The second was 0-0 until the other team scored in the last minute of the game. This week the other team went up 2-0 pretty quickly, but we managed to tie it up before the half. Our boys played strong until the last few minutes when the other team scored 2 more goals. Oh well, maybe next week we'll get a win.

Back to my knitting!

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Anonymous said...

How did you know....I have been checking faithfully! I feel much better! :) Evan made the JV Volleyball team! He is so happy! Maybe I should do another blog. We will see! Have a fab week!

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