Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Almost done!

I'm almost finished with the pink sweater. I have 3 more rounds of ribbing to do and then the sleeves which are short so they won't take much. I've tried it on and it looks and fits great. I'm so excited to finish it and wear it. I'll have pictures soon!

I know what I'm getting for Mother's day. Greg ordered me a new digital camera! It will be here Monday. Plus, I got a new dress for the wedding we are going to in a few weeks. I went shopping yesterday and didn't find anything at the mall. I was almost in tears thinking I wouldn't find anything. Then I went to Kohl's. I didn't see anything there either and was almost ready to leave when I saw a dress. It wasn't the color I was looking for but I liked the style. I tried it on and it looked good. But I needed a size smaller. They had one left! It's a 6!!!! I've never worn a 6. My sister is jealous!

Have a nice day!

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