Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Greg's parents have been here since Friday afternoon. They took the boys and me out to eat at NYPD Pizza (yummy!). Saturday morning I took Mom to run some errands and to the local yarn store for some wool for her to make a felted hat and purse. We felted the hat this morning. I think it turned out cute. I picked up some more cotton yarn at Wal-Mart and made this dishcloth. The pattern was in the latest Creative Knitting Magazine.

Saturday night, we met Greg's best friend from high school for dinner at Gardunos (more yummy!) They live in the Dallas area and were on their way to Colorado for vacation. We haven't seen them in several years. They have 2 boys (13 and 11). We had a great time.

We finally got to go out for our anniversary date yesterday. We went to see Hairspray, the movie. It was really fun. I loved the music and dancing! When we got home Greg downloaded the sound track from Itunes! Then we went out to eat at Outback (yummy again!). (I think we are done eating out for a while!)

Greg, Zachary, and I are going to a funeral this afternoon. My good friend Alyson's father-in-law passed away suddenly last Thursday evening. He was driving when he had a heart attack. Somehow the car came to a stop before he hit anyone. He was gone by the time the paramedics arrived. He wasn't in the best of health, but they certainly did not expect this. We are taking Zachary because it was his friend Brandon's grandfather. The only other funeral he's been to was for my grandfather and he was not quite 6 at the time.

Greg's parents will leave in the morning. They have dentist appointments in OKC, and then they are anxious to get home to Virginia. We will miss them, we love having them here.


Sandi said...

Sorry haven't been commenting much, but I am keeping up with your blog when I can! I love the color of the washcloth and I am anxious to try that pattern, because I loved the sweater that was in the magazine! I haven't ever done cables, so this would be a great way to start small!

Kelly said...

Robin those are beautiful knitting projects. Great job! Happy belated Anniversary :-)
<>< Kelly (From CHC)

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