Monday, August 13, 2007

Off to Houston

I've been packing and cleaning (someone is staying at our house while we are gone) today and I think I'm about ready to go. I've got Bunco tonight and we'll leave for Houston in the morning about 8am. We are going to visit my sister Renee and her family. We will see my parents in Wichita Falls tomorrow evening. Then we will drive into Houston on Wednesday. Our friends Terrell and Kristen Welch (they were the youth and children's pastors at our church a few years ago) will be coming to Renee's for dinner Wed. night. I saw Kristen and 2 of her kids last summer. They had another baby in January, so we get to meet her and Greg hasn't seen them in several years. So we are excited about that. On Friday we are going to Schlitterbahn water park in Galveston. The boys are very excited about that!

I'll be bringing my knitting of course! Greg's driving, so I get to knit! I'm working on yet another baby blanket. I was invited to a baby shower the Saturday after we get back from our trip and just can't show up without something hand knit! I'm using yarn left over from the log cabin blanket. I'm about a third of the way done now. I'm bringing Jonathan's socks to work on too if I finish the blanket. Jonathan is still knitting and and wants to work on it in the car. I think I'll be teaching him to purl very soon!

School starts when we get back!

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Sandi said...

Have a great time! Cute smiley van!

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