Monday, October 29, 2007

What have I done?

So we had a leadership meeting at church last night. Anyone involved in ministry (or wanting to be involved) was invited. Since I play flute on the worship team I went. Somehow I found myself volunteering to be the choir director! A little history - our church has had a choir for years. When our last music director resigned this summer, there was no longer any choir. A few ladies still sing with the worship team, but other than that the choir sort of fell apart. I have always been a part of the choir and have even filled in when the director couldn't be there. I love to sing and don't get to very often because I'm playing the flute. So I miss choir. Now we have a new youth pastor who is also leading worship. He's doing great with that, but knows nothing about running a choir. So when this all came up last night everyone pointed to me. "Robin can do it." Well, I miss choir so much that I agreed to do it. We'll be practicing for the next 6 weeks so we can do 2 songs for Christmas. I've got to get to the church this week and find some music! It will really be more like an ensemble for now - we might have 10 people, and hopefully I can sing with them instead of standing in front of them. So pray for me on Sundays at 4!

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The Reed Family - Postings by Melody said...

Lord Bless Ya! You'll do a good job!

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