Tuesday, January 01, 2008


We were by ourselves this Christmas and Greg had to work Christmas day. So we invited a few people from church for dinner Christmas Eve. We had a great time. The kids played the Wii until the dads took over! When everyone left we let the boys open one gift. Jonathan and Benjamin got new Webkinz with scarves made by Mom. Zachary got a new Cowboys hat.

Christmas morning the boys got us up at 7am! Jonathan and Zachary read us the Christmas story from the Bible before we dived into the gifts! Benjamin got new cars and a playset from the Cars movie. Zachary and Jonthan got new games and accessories for the Wii and Gameboy DS. Greg got a new corduroy blazer and I got diamond earrings! Oh, and Amy got a new toy! Here's few pictures! (Of course there are none of me because I had the camera!)We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast - yum. Greg went to work about 2pm. It was a quiet day, but fun.

My sister and her family came the day after Christmas. The kids spent most of their time playing video games. But they had fun.

Yesterday (New Year's Eve) we took the boys to see National Treasure, Book of Secrets. Fun Movie! Everyone but Ben (he made it until 11:30) stayed up to see the new year in.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Robin! It looks like you all had a great time at christmas. I got to see my parents, Grandma and Ian and his family for a couple of days, which was really nice. I'll try to get some pictures posted!


Lori T. said...

It looks like you all had a nice Christmas. Love the new tree, it looks really pretty! I like when you put the tree downstairs instead of the loft, that way everyone inside and outside can enjoy your tree! Hope your new decorations from SDC went well.

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