Friday, April 04, 2008


I figured I'd better write something this week. So here's what I've been up to:

Violin - I'm getting a bit frustrated that I'm not progressing as fast as I want to. Playing the violin is HARD! I do enjoy practicing, but I want to be good at it now and that's just not going to happen. This week I'm learning "Happy Birthday". Benjamin came in and asked if I was playing "Happy Birthday". So I guess I should be happy that my six year old recognized what I was playing!

Knitting - I worked on another charity baby blanket. This one was pink. I'm happy when I'm knitting anything pink! Now I'm working on a little doll blanket to go with the doll I got for Anna - our sponsored child in the Dominican Republic. I will get to meet her on the trip and take her and her family some things. I still need to make 2 more crocheted bags. I had enough, but we decided to make a couple more just in case.

Mission Trip - We leave for the DR in 3 weeks! There are 4 of us from my church and my sister (from Houston). The whole group is 24 ladies from around the state on NM. Please pray for us as we make our final preparations and travel. We will be gone April 24-May 1.

Family - Benjamin is getting to be quite the expert bike rider and earned himself a new bike helmet. He's very proud! Family bike rides, here we come!

Zachary will be participating in the District Fine Arts Festival (through the Assmblies of God church) with his church youth group. He will be playing a saxophone solo (Chris Tomlin's version of Amazing Grace/My Chain are Gone) and he is in a human video group (basically acting out a song). That's in 2 weeks, so lots of practicing between now and then.

Jonathan and Benjamin have 2 weeks of soccer left. They are enjoying it. Jonathan's team has yet to win a game - maybe this week!

The boys are starving - better go fix lunch!

Have a great day!


The Reed Family - Postings by Melody said...

You should watch a little "Little House on the Prarie" to get some pointers from PA! :) I'm sure you sound pretty good for just starting!

We are THAT Family said...

Wow-you guys are busy! I can't believe your Missions trip is almost here!

I had a major flashback thinking about FA. Lori asked me to judge writing for Nationals for college FA. I'm not sure I'm qualified!

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