Friday, May 02, 2008

Back from the DR

I got back last night from the Dominican Republic. I don't think I've been this exhausted since I had a newborn. I only had about 3 hours sleep Wednesday night, then a long journey home. I slept 9 hours last night, then had an hour nap this afternoon and I'm still tired.

It really was an amazing journey. We met some incredible people. They live so differently from us but they serve the same God and have the dreams of reaching their community for Christ and seeing lives changed. It was great to come alongside them and work together.

Here's a few pictures.

Me and Renee (my sister)

Kids at the children's service on Saturday morning

Ana! Isn't she beautiful!

Me with Ana and her family

The Calvary Temple crew with our hosts

Working on the building

We left our handprints. The inscription says in Spanish "From our hands to your hearts".

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We are THAT Family said...

What an amazing time you had! I'm so bummed that I didn't check back last week. I didn't know you would be blogging! (I need to subscribe to your RSS feed).

I'm catching up.


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