Saturday, June 21, 2008

Branson Vacation - Day 1

We arrived in Branson Wednesday evening after stopping by Jack & Lori's in Nixa. Here is the cabin we stayed in at Indian Point Resorts. It was older and nothing fancy, but clean and the right size (plenty of room for us and Greg's parents) and price. The boys loved the pool. I loved the hot tub!

The first thing we did Thursday morning was a trail ride at Ike's Trail Rides. It was the first time Jon and Ben had ever been on a horse (other that ponies at the fair). Everyone loved it. The boys asked when we could get a horse - our reply: Never!

Waiting for the ride.

Ben and Jon following our guide.

Greg and Zachary (no picture of me of course because I had the camera!)

The afternoon was spent swimming and taking out the paddleboats (free at the resort!).

That evening Aldon and his son Pierce arrived from Oklahoma. Aldon was married to Greg's cousin. She died after giving birth to Pierce. Greg's parents helped Aldon through that tragedy and have remained close. We all went to see Sight and Sound's production of Noah. Greg's nephew Nathan is an actor in the show and recently moved to Branson. It was a great show and the kids loved all the animals. Nathan and his wife Dana came back to the cabin with us afterward and we stayed up talking with them until 1 AM. Those actor/show people keep different hours!


Anonymous said...

Hey! If you feel like going on vacation where it's nice and beautiful then check out Branson resort.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the input on the resort! I'll probably look into some of the Branson hotels
too and see which are near the lake.

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