Thursday, July 31, 2008

My dad

I found out today that my dad is not doing well. He was diagnosed with brain tumor 12 1/2 years ago. They said he would live 6 months, but he's still here. He lives in a nursing home near my mom and she takes good care of him. He had been doing ok physically, but yesterday had what they think was a TIA. He's had them before but recovered function quickly. Not so this time. He can't use his right side at all and is now incontinent and having problems eating. It might or might not improve. No one knows. Sometimes - no make that most of the time - I wonder why he's still here. What purpose could God have for keeping him like this, unable to take care of himself and barely able to communicate. He's said for several years he's ready to go home (meaning heaven). Even yesterday, he did not want to go to the ER. But I know God does have a plan for my dad and maybe someday I'll understand it. I've been learning to just take one day at a time and trust God that he's got everything under control. I would appreciate your prayers for my parents (Dennis and Cheryl).


The Reed Family - Postings by Melody said...

I will pray for your dad, your mother and also you. I know how you feel.

Stefunkc said...

Oh Robin. I'll be praying. Please keep us updated.

Sandi said...

You and your family is in our prayers.

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