Sunday, August 10, 2008


Oh my goodness, all 3 of my readers commented on the same post and asked questions! So here's your answers.

Yes, I'm still playing the violin. I just don't blog about it very much, so I left it off the blog header. My teacher has been gone for the summer and I have not been very consistent about practicing. Hopefully I'll get back to lessons and regular practicing in a few weeks.

I did think about making the fingerless gloves for Zachary and his bandmates. But maybe black for the boys! I would have to come up with a simpler pattern. That cable stuff takes more time.
The fingerless gloves aren't really meant for freezing weather outside (except maybe for marching band!). They are to use when your hands are cold inside. You can use them when you are on the computer, knitting, writing, etc. I think I've seen a pattern for ones that have a mitten part that folds over. I guess that would be more practical. You could just fold back the mitten part when you need your fingers!

Any more questions?

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Sandi said...

We have been visiting friends and I got very little knitting done over the last few days! My screen name is "pinkslippers", they are my favorite "shoes!" I often have them on when I sit down to knit!

Love the new design on your blog!

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