Monday, October 20, 2008

2 things checked off my list & costumes

I got two things checked off my list of things to do. I filled out and mailed my absentee ballot for the Nov. 4th general election. I got the Christmas things in the mail to Zambia and Dominican Republic (via Colorado Springs).

Still to do: make costumes for Halloween. I really despise this time of year. I don't like paying good money for cheap costumes that look ridiculous and are worn only once and I'm not creative and don't enjoy making costumes although I have made a couple of good ones:

This is Jonathan in 2002. I actually made this costume for Zachary when he was about 3. Yes, I saved it-even the poster board hat.

This is Zachary and Jonathan in 2001. Wish I'd saved these!

Now lest you start thinking I am actually creative, these costume ideas came from a parenting magazine and had step by step instructions.

So until yesterday, I had no ideas. Zachary of course is on his own now. He's putting together an Indiana Jones costume. He needs a whip. Is that a good thing? Then Zachary told his brothers about his youth pastor's idea for a costume - a tissue box. Something like this only better. They loved the idea. Now to find boxes. How many days do I have left?


We are THAT Family said...

We made our this weekend: Elvis with two poodle skirted girls on his to follow!

P.S. I think you are very creative!

The Wades said...

I also see the same type costumes in magazines and never even think of attempting myself!!

Such cuties! I know you wish you'd saved the lego costumes, but they would have taken up a lot of space all these years. We can never win w/ our decisions! :)

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