Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trombone player?

Zachary knew he wanted to play the saxophone from about the age of 5. Jonathan was probably younger than that when he decided he was going to be a drummer. And now Benjamin has been telling us for about 2 years that he is going to play the trombone. We've been telling him that he's got a lot of growing to do before he is big enough. Right now a trombone is bigger than he is.

So I was telling a friend of mine (who happens to be a trombone player) about Ben's interest. Today she brought us a slide trumpet that she isn't using, which looks like a mini trombone. Oh, and it's red, Ben's favorite color! He was so excited. I didn't think he would even be able to get a sound out of it, but he did. I think he wants lessons! How did I end up with all these musicians. It makes me happy!

Doesn't he look like he was made to play this?!

Oh and here's your sports update. Jon's Phanatics - lost 0-2. This was a team that previously beat them 1-8, so this was an improvment. Benjamin's Coyotes - lost 6-22. Yeah, they got creamed! But Ben scored his first goal!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the trombone! Music is so awesome for the kids to learn! I think we both could have a little Jazz band.


Anonymous said...

hi, i am a trumpet player myself i have been playing it for a few years. im glad theres more kids starting early with musical instruments. i want to get one one those slide trombones ( slide trumpets)

The Wades said...

i really should encourage my children to play an instrument. But, I have noise tolerance issues!!! ahhhhh. ;)

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