Monday, November 17, 2008

One more step...

Zachary, my oldest-14, took another step toward adulthood today. He opened his first checking account today. Well, actually we opened the account because he has to have an adult sign on the account. And "checking" is not quite accurate either as their are no actual checks involved, just a debit card. Anyway....he now has his own bank account so we can continue teaching him how to be responsible with money.


Amazing Times Three said...

Hi Robin! I am so glad that you found my blog...I love reading about the Barrys - such a sweet family!

I remember opening up my first checking account. It was a pretty big deal! Congrats to Zachary!


Anonymous said...

The three boys have their own debit and savings account also. At our bank, they can get them when they are 11. It was really great for Evan becuase he was able to do direct deposit for his work and he has hardly spent any of it. Christian has spent a bit more...on sunglasses and ITunes but it's not my money anyway. Jordan is frugel (if that's how it's spelled) and I hold his card. It's a great way to teach them about budgeting and balancing.

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