Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day in D.C.

The Monday after Christmas, we spent the day in D.C. We rode the Metro in and started at the Natural History Museum to see some dinosaur bones.

By the time we finished up there, everyone was starving. The closest place to eat was the McDonalds in the Air and Space Museum. So after a good walk and a long line to get into the museum, we ate at the most expensive McDonald's we've ever been too! But we were hungry, so we forked over the cash and enjoyed our hamburgers.

Then we had to go to the basement of the gift shop at the Air and Space Museum to get this picture.Our original plan was to visit the American History Museum which had just recently reopened after a couple years of renovations. But on the walk to lunch Jon and Ben spied an ice skating rink. They really wanted to try ice skating, so we changed our plan, waited in line for an hour, forked over the cash and laced up the skates.

Even though it has been years, Zach managed to stay on his feet and I think (although he wouldn't admit it) actually had fun!

I think Jonathan was 3 or 4 the last time he skated. It took him a little while...
but he got the hang of it and was doing pretty well by the end of the session.

Benjamin was a different story. He really wanted to do this, but it was hard for him. He didn't like the way his skates fit and he was frustrated that he couldn't do it on his own. He was actually doing better by the end too. But he was not happy.

He's done!

By the time we finished with the skating, all the museums were closed (except the one we'd already been too!). So we took the Metro to Union Station, forked over some more cash for food and tickets to a night tour of the monuments. It was kind of neat to see everything lit up at night.

This is at the FDR monument. Love this pic!
The last stop was at the National Christmas tree display in front of the White House.

There are trees from each state with decorations made by some group in that state. Here's New Mexico's tree with decorations made by kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Albuqueuque.
It was 10:30PM by the time we finished the tour, then we had to take the Metro back to our car and drive 1 1/2 hours back to the house. Greg and I managed to stay awake, but they didn't.


We are THAT Family said...

Great post! I love the FDR picture and I totally agree with Benjamin on the ice skating.

Amanda said...

I love DC!! we use to live in Fredericksburg, VA which was about an hr drive to DC- we took the metro many times to visit the DC mall area. good times! Love the Ice Skating pics!

Anonymous said...

When we went to DC a few years ago, we had just been in the A&S Museum about 10 minutes and there was a bomb scare and we had to leave. We never made it back. Sounds like a fun trip to DC.

Ann Kroeker said...

Very sweet last photo. How could they not drop off after all of that activity!

And how could you not snap a photo....

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

So awesome Robin!! I would have loved to have seen it all at Christmas time. After we went last year I somehow ended up losing some pictures and they were of the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials....I was so bummed! I can imagine the amount of cash that flew out of your pocket, but the pictures have to be worth more, right? Just keep tellin' yourself that!

Regina said...

looks like loads of fun!

Wendy said...

Hi! I have to agree with you, you tend to fork over a lot of money in DC (unless you're cheap like me and bring your lunch and snacks with you and only go to free museums). Looks like y'all had a good time!

I love Albuquerque and would love to go back there someday. (Found you via Carolina Mama.)

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