Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Things

First let me just say I really hate these things. 3 people (who I love dearly) have tagged me with this on Facebook. I don't want to do this, and I certainly don't want to make 25 other people feel as uncomfortable as I feel about this. But apparently there are 3 people out there who want to know more about me. So here goes...

1. I have a twin. I love being a twin.

2. My husband was my boss when we started dating.

3. I really wanted to adopt a baby girl from China about 3 years ago. Still would love to have a girl but I guess I'll have to wait for granddaughters.

4. I have been a Christian and gone to church my whole life. Can't even imagine my life without Christ.

5. I do not like to cook, but I feel guilty about this.

6. Growing up, I never could have imagined myself as the mother of 3 boys.

7. I play the flute and piano and sing and I took violin lessons last year.

8. My mom died of breast cancer when I was 8. I've been getting mammograms every year since I was 20.

9. My husband is a gift. Sometimes I think I really don't deserve his love and wonder why he puts up with me.

10. My favorite movie is "The Sound of Music".

11. I once got a job as a waitress at Red Lobster. I quit after 3 days. I hated it.

12. I wish more people would leave comments on my blog. (Hint, hint)

13. I loved every minute of marching band in high school.

14. I got married when I was 20 years old. I wouldn't recommend this, but it worked out for us.

15. I worked as a ticket agent for a small airline before my first son was born.

16. I learned to knit when I had to give up my dream of adopting a baby girl from China. Knitting is seeing me through some tough times even now.

17. My dad lives in a nursing home and can't walk or speak. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor 13 years ago. They told him he had 6 months to live. I think it's sad he has to live like this and wish God would take him home.

18. My secret dream is to travel with a singing group.

19. I have the best in-laws in the world. We want to move to Virginia to be closer to them.

20. I have a cousin who has 9 kids! That's a lot of kids.

21. I love the TV show Jon & Kate plus 8. But I would never want that many kids!

22. I homeschool my kids, but I can't say that I enjoy it. It was not something I wanted to do, it was something I felt I needed to do.

23. My dream vacation would be a cruise. Maybe someday...

24. I have red hair and freckles and that has never bothered me. I know I'm special.

25. I will not ask anyone else to do this!


Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Thank you for indulging in the task. I was tagged several times before I figured I needed to try and come up with a few things about myself! It'll be a post for me this's like homework that's already done!

Anonymous said...

I've had about 5 requests and I ignore all of them. I just don't want to share my inmost thoughts with some. It was great that you put in on your blog!


Stefunkc said...

I love it! That wasn't bad now was it? As I was doing mine I was wondering how in the world I came up with 100 for my 100th blog post. Then I remembered it took me 2 weeks! I learned some things about you that I never knew before:)

The Wades said...

I loved this! I really, really love reading people's 25 lists. I just keep reasoning that I do not have to participate.

I'm sad about your dad. I find twins interesting. I respect you for homeschooling. We, also, have considered adopting a girl from China. Nine kids?? Does she know the Duggars? ;) I also like Jon and Kate but it drives Max crazy!!! Kate really is a rude one.

Thanks for sharing. Love ya

Margie V said...

We have #2 in common!

Tara said...

I loved getting to know you better :O)

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