Thursday, March 05, 2009

Are we crazy?

This is Amy. She's a miniature American Eskimo. We love her, but sometimes she can be a royal pain. Like every night at 4am when she needs to go potty. We managed to have all of our boys sleeping through then night by the time they were 6 months old. But for some reason we have never been able to accomplish this with the dog. Oh and she throws up - a lot. And she still has occasional accidents in the house. But we love her. And she's great with the boys.

We've said many time over the last several years that this will be our last dog.

And we meant it.

Until 3 weeks ago.

Greg came home talking about a co-worker whose dog just had puppies. And now we've agreed to take one of these puppies. We were done for when we saw the pictures.

The mom is a beagle. The dad is a cocker spaniel. Well, they are pretty sure of that - this litter was an accident!

We get our pick of these three boys. The last two look similar in these pictures, but #2 is more black, #3 has more white.

We will get to meet the pups in the next week or two (I'll have better pictures then) and bring one home the end of March or first of April.

I think my life is about to get a bit more complicated.

And yes, for the record, we are crazy!


Tina said...

Yes, you are nuts, but those are some seriously cute puppies!!

Enjoy :)

We are THAT Family said...

I want to be crazy!

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

You really had to ask that question? I could have answered it for you without any of the foretold info :-).'ll be fun, can't wait to meet him.

The Wades said...

How about a trade with the other owners? Hee hee--I know you love your dog. It was just an inappropriate joke to start off my Saturday morning.

They look precious!

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