Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ok, here's some better pictures of Kona.

I think he was a little overwhelmed after being taken away from his mom, a car ride, a trip to Petsmart, and meeting Amy.

Amy is still not sure what to think.

The first night was a little rough. He was up 3 times to go potty and cried some when put back in his crate. Amy would growl at him and he would quiet down.

He's taking a nap now. I hope I get one later!


An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh but he is so cute!!!


Margie V said...

SO adorable!

The Wades said...

Poor little baby. That does sound like a traumatic day. Well, since your other dog gets up several times while you're sleeping, it won't be any big deal for you guys to take this one out all night!! ;)

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