Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We had a great surprise recently. Zachary was at the Fine Arts Festival. I was with Jonathan and Benjamin at a soccer game.

My phone rang. It was my good friend Lori who moved away 3 1/2 years ago. She asked when I would be back at the Fine Arts Festival. I told her when I would be there and she said, "Great, I'll see you there. I'm on my way."

What?! This did not compute. She lives 2 states away. But she was surprising us and was coming with her kids for spring break. The only person who knew she was coming was the friend she was actually staying with.

So anyway, her son Jackson spent the night Sunday night and my kids got an extra day of spring break when they all spent the day with us Monday.

There were light saber battles.

Mario Cart DS races.

And trampoline fun. (Sorry no pictures!)

My friend Donna brought over her new puppy (from the same litter as Kona).

We had a girls night out with great friends.

Lori is 2nd to last in this pic.

They came back later in the week to meet Kona.

Love, love, love this family!
Miss them terribly!


Anonymous said...

Jack is going to be at Fine Arts here this year but I will be away with Jordan at a Regional JBQ Competition New Jersey.


The Wades said...

What a great surprise. Glad you got to see each other. Cute kids. :)

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