Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Giraffe

I saw the most amazing thing yesterday - and I almost missed it.

Greg took the boys to the zoo and gave me the day off. He's so sweet! I messed around at home for a while in my very quiet house, then went to a movie. I called Greg when the movie was over to see if they were done at the zoo yet. He said, "We're still here watching a giraffe being born."

What?! On the day they went without me. Why did I not go with them? I hung up the phone thinking what an incredible experience my kids were going to have - without me. Then I called Greg back and told him I was on my way there. I wasn't going to miss this. He said the zoo personnel were saying it would take a while and I would probably make it in time.

I did make it in time. When I arrived the front legs and snout were out. About half and hour later that baby fell - it was quite a fall! - to the ground. 40 minutes later after several very adorable tumbles, the baby was standing. Another 20 minutes and he was nursing. It was amazing.

And it all happened right there in the front of the giraffe enclosure. We could see everything!

Here's mom and baby. These aren't from my camera - it was in the car. Greg had left it there after lunch thinking it was going to rain. By the time he went to get it the gates were closed and he couldn't leave and come back in. These pictures are from a sweet girl I met, a zoo employee taking pictures for the zoo. She even found me on twitter and sent me a link to her pictures. Thanks Amy! Great photos!

If you are curious about the actual birth, check out the pictures and news video. We are actually in the news clip. I'm the one in the pink sweatshirt. Zach is in the blue hat right behind me and you can see part of Jonathan in front of me.

News video

Zoo photos

We hear there's going to be a baby elephant born in September. Maybe we'll get to see that one too. You never know!


We are THAT Family said...

Wow! What an experience....

We saw two camels MAKING a baby once at the zoo.... a little too enlightening for my kids ;D

Shauna said...

Did Kristen really have to mention that? Nice!! :) Precious baby giraffe!!

Robyn said...

These pictures are beautiful! What a wonderful experience for your boys. I know you will all remember that trip to the zoo. Glad you were able to make it there, too.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I got a bit teary watching, what a great experience for you all.


An Accomplished Woman said...

I am so glad you made it in time. You were lucky to see that and your kids did have a once in a life time experience.


Cozyflier said...

Hi Robin! I'm Stefunk's Aunt in Lubbock! What a wonderful experience! The photos are wonderful!

I would have loved to been there to see that!

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