Monday, May 11, 2009


It's our last week of homeschooling! Until August anyway.

At the beginning of this school year, I had every intention of this being our last year of homeschooling. But apparently God had other plans for us.

Zachary started out the year in public school, but came back home after one semester. Even then I was still going to enroll the other two in our neighborhood public school.

But for the last few weeks, I just haven't felt good about it. I just can't give up this homeschooling thing.

I can't give up the freedom. Yeah, I said freedom.

Most moms think they will have freedom when their kids go to school. And maybe I would have some freedom - for a few hours a day. But there's more to our life than that.

Because we homeschool we have our afternoons and evenings free - no homework, no projects, no PTA meetings.

Because we homeschool we have the freedom to take vacations or days off whenever we want (like our trip to Colorado last month or our California vacation last year). We don't have to live our lives around a school calendar.

Because we homeschool my kids are free to be kids. They have time to play.

Because we homeschool my kids are free from bullying and other negative stuff that goes on in school.

Are my kids missing out on some things? Probably, but I can live with that.

No, homeschooling is not easy and my kids do not always love it or their teacher. I do not always love it. (And some days I hate it!) But I've decided to trade a few hours of personal freedom for my family to be free.

P.S. This is in no way intended to make anyone feel guilty about their schooling choices. This just where I am now. I might change my mind next year or tomorrow when my first grader is crying again because he doesn't "know that word" or my fourth grader is mad because "it's too hard"!


Amanda said...

another thing you can add to your list is: your kids dont catch every bug, virus and lice egg that comes through the class room!!

Anonymous said...

Love your reasons for homeschooling...those are also my reasons to stick with it! Some days are hard {today DS would not do anything cooperatively}...but still would not change for anything...

Sandi said...

For us homeschooling gives us so many opportunities, with the most recent, being able to spend time with their grandparents this past week. Homeschooling certainly isn't always easy, but it is filled with lots of little blessings along the way! Thanks for sharing your heart.

Donna said...

Well said... And well done!

The Wades said...

Great, now I feel guilty. Oh wait. . . you told me not to. Scratch that then.

Happy schooling--your boys are terrific.

Joy @ Five J's said...

I'm right there with you! I just don't know how ps families handle all the activities (namely sports) and homework that come with a public school education. I almost feel guilty letting my kids stay up late with us…almost. But I love having the time to spend together, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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