Sunday, August 02, 2009

Babies and Puppies

I don't really know where to start in blogging our vacation. So I'm just going to start here.

One of my favorite parts of this vacation was getting to love on my 6 week old great niece Faith and spending time with her mom, my niece (really Greg's niece) Tammie. And her son Owen is pretty adorable too! Tammie was 12 years old when we got married. I was only 20 - so not really that far apart in age. We've always had a special relationship.

Here we are.

And here's Faith.

Zachary and Jonathan liked holding her too (So did Greg). Benjamin didn't want anything to do with her!

2 1/2 year old Owen loved playing with Jon and Ben. He was fascinated with Ben's Gameboy.

The boys enjoyed all the animals at David's (Greg's brother) house including 3 cats (who Jonathan was very allergic to) and Chewy.

Someone was always holding him!

Although he loved all the attention, we was glad to have his master back.

Greg's brother David was in the hospital the first week and a half we were there. He had back surgery to repair a compressed spinal cord. We were happy when he came home too!

More to come...


Anonymous said...

So sweet. Love and miss you guys!!! Looking forward to your move:) Wrong section, but great job on the basket:) you're so good at that stuff. Mia's having a girl too. Thought you might have read it on my post last week, but wanted to let you know. Excited for Faith to have a little friend!! Love you guys!

tammie said...

oops. last comment was from me, Tammie:)

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