Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I just can't seem to keep up with my blog these days. So here's a catch-up.

Last Friday night, we went to a NM Lobo soccer game with some of the boys' soccer teams.

Oh look, a picture of me and Greg. I realized the other day as I was searching my files for one that there are not enough of these. I'm going to try to hand the camera to the boys more often.

I started knitting my pink socks over the weekend. Oh how I love this yarn!

We got red paint on our hands on Monday.

Hop on over to my friend Michelle's blog to find out why.


Anonymous said...

Oh the socks are looking good! I am on the gusset decrease now... finally. But I'm doing the magic loop method and two at a time.

margie said...

Those socks are gonna be so pretty! Love the color!

The Wades said...

The paint does look red in that picture--sadly, not in real life. Thanks so much for your help. You guys are awesome!

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