Sunday, October 11, 2009

An octupus and a pumpkin

Here's what I knit this week.

An baby octopus hat.

Why would I knit an octopus baby hat? Well, my niece is having a baby and doing her nursery in an underwater theme. My sister-in-law (her mom) found a picture of a hat like this and asked if I could make it.

My first reaction was, umm no, not without a pattern. Are you crazy? I said I would see if I could find a pattern. My internet search found the original knitter, who has sold these hats on I contacted her and asked if she would sell me the pattern. She said no. Can you believe that? How rude!

By this time, I had fallen in love with the hat and I just had to figure it out. The hat part was easy. There are tons of simple hat patterns out there. But the octopus was trial and error. But I did it, and I'm darnright proud of myself!

A little pumpkin.

I found this cute little pumpkin pattern through a blog I've been reading: Knit1Kids4. Go check her out. She's a great photographer too! The pattern can be found here.

Happy knitting or whatever it is you love to do!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I love love love the hat! So stinkin cute!

And wasn't the pumpkin fun to make! So quick and easy.

I started that sweater on my retreat. It is knitting up really easy. The sock yarn my daughter picked out is making a really cool stripe pattern on it too. I'll have to take a picture and post it.

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

So very cute Robin!! You are very talented. Gee, how about whipping up 4 of those for our last soccer game on Halloween?!! Ha ha!

Cherith said...

Robin! I love that hat, it's so cute. Great job. Your neice will LOVE it.

The Wades said...

She said no?! The nerve! Doesn't pay to be courteous, huh? I'm curious how exactly she phrased that. You could not have done a cuter job.

And that pumpkin?! So very adorable! I happen to be into those orange blobs lately.

Regina said...

great job on the hat! are those icord legs?? as for the pumpkin, i saw those a few days ago and thought it would be a fun little surprise for the wades. thanks for ruining it for me—kidding of course, though i did think for a second to knit them some.

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