Monday, November 02, 2009

Snow, soccer, Halloween...

Here's a catch up post from the last few days.

It snowed enough last week for the boys to make a baby snowman!

Saturday morning we had our last soccer games of the season. Since it was the last games and Halloween all the boys got green hair.

The boys love soccer, but I'm glad the season is over!

Our church had Trunk or Treat for Halloween. Jon and Ben dressed up as Mario & Luigi.

Zachary came to church straight from soccer refereeing, so he just kept his uniform on. I have no idea why he looks so grumpy in this picture.

There were tons of people there, but the boys managed to score plenty of candy.

Is it really November already?

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Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

cute costumes!! we're overloaded with candy too. I think we're going to pack it in a suitcase for Disney...good go energy, right?! I concur about soccer!

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