Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas

We had a great Christmas!

The day started early, but not too early. Greg warned the boys not to wake us up before 8 am.

We started by reading the Christmas story in Luke 2 of the Bible. Yes, Jesus birth is really what Christmas is all about.
Then we opened gifts.

A new Wii game for Jonathan.
New Legos for Benjamin.
A lava lamp for Zach? He got his big gift a few weeks ago - that new saxophone.
A calendar (with digital scrapbooked pages) for Mom and Dad.
And Band Hero for Wii for the family. So much fun!After gifts we ate these.We usually have cinnamon rolls. I like the Rhodes frozen ones, but I couldn't find them. So I make these cinnamon knots (from Rhodes frozen rolls) with cream cheese icing instead. They were so good!

Our friends the Webbs joined us in the afternoon for dinner and fellowship.
So there you go. Our Christmas summed up in a few words and pictures.

Now I wonder what 2010 will bring.

1 comment:

The Wades said...

Fun you got together with the Webbs. Two sweet families hanging out.

Do you just get your children one present each? That makes shopping sound a whole lot easier, that's for sure!

Merry Christmas

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