Friday, January 22, 2010

Starting Over

Sometimes you just have to start over.

Here's the Christmas stocking I've been working on.

Isn't it pretty? I'm getting better at Fair Isle. I love the colors.

But...I ripped it all out last night. It was too long. I used bigger needles than the pattern called for thinking I wanted it bigger around. I never thought about the length. It was 4 inches longer than it should be.

So I'm starting over. Sometimes that's best.


Regina said...

but it is a stocking, who cares if it is too long?? it looks great! so sorry you had to start over. you rock!!

knit1kids4 said...

Oh Robin that makes me so sad. That was/is a BEAUTIFUL pattern. I'm heartbroken for you.

The Wades said...

Oh no! That was so pretty. I'm with Regina--long is good. At least you got a picture of it.

A Joyful Mommy said...

LOVE IT! That is so beautiful! I haven't had the nerve to begin color work yet so my projects are pretty stale!

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