Thursday, April 29, 2010


The boys and I had dentist appointments today, just our regular six month checkups and cleanings. I hate getting my teeth scraped, most unpleasant. And then they put this awful, sticky fluoride treatment on and tell you not to brush or chew gum for six hours. Lunch tasted horrible.

But...I'm thankful for my dentist and clean teeth and money to pay the dentist....

We've been going to the same dentist since before Benjamin was born. Every few years they take a picture for their files. I guess so they know what you look like, you know, since they don't see you very often.

They gave me back these two pics.
I'm guessing it's time for new pictures.

Then we went to ABQ Uptown and visited the Apple store and played with an iPad. Very cool! I think I NEED one of those.

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The Wades said...

Love those pics! I think it's pretty cool they gave them to you.

Fluoride--tell them to keep it. Yucko.

I love how you said you were thankful for the money to pay a dentist. You're such a good person. :)

Love you.

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