Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pool Time

We are in full summer mode here. So much so that I totally forgot Jonathan's drum lesson yesterday morning until his teacher called. Oops! It's summer I don't have anywhere to be except the pool right?!

And to the pool we went. I took along my camera since I realized I haven't taken any photos since June 4. That's not good.

My boys love the pool. But they love it more with friends. We finally go to go with Bradley and Aubrey who have been on vacation.

I guess all you need for tic-tac-toe at the pool is a wet splash ball!

Happy summer!


The Wades said...

Happy Summer to you! You're such a great mama making sure your children have so many wonderful experiences.

Fun times.

Anonymous said...

awesome pics! Love the action shot, jumping in the pool! It has been a busy summer here too. Lots of fun though!

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