Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Greg was off on Monday. So after the boys finished their school work, we took a little field trip to the Galloping Grace Youth Ranch pumpkin patch (where we helped out the week before).

What fun! There was so much for my boys to do.

Lets see how tall they are...

Tractor races (before Michelle kicked them off - wee farmers only!)

Mini bowling

Duck races (love those faces!)


Bean bag toss

There was even more I don't have pictures of. Lots to do!

And of course we had to get a few pumpkins.

And pose for a photo!

And now my house is ready for fall!

Thanks Max and Michelle! The patch is fabulous!

1 comment:

The Wades said...

Thanks for coming and supporting us. :)

And just so you know, a big person snapped one of our tractors.

Love you guys.

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