Thursday, December 02, 2010


We spent Thanksgiving in Houston at my sister Renee's house. My other sister Adrianne and her family were there also. It was the first time in over 2 years we had all been together.

We went to visit my dad at his nursing home Thanksgiving morning.

Benjamin reluctantly played piano for my dad. I sure wish he would get over his shyness about playing in front of people.

Renee (with a little help from the rest of us) fixed an amazing diner.

Hungry kids!

Here's me and my sisters.

Keeping this short. I've got way to much to do!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Robin!! Glad you got to spend it all together! MR

Lauren said...

Beautiful photos, Robin! Lovely to see you all together there!

Michelle said...

Ahh, fun! Looks like a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving. Pretty cool he played for your dad. That will be a special memory for you, I'm sure.

Amy said...

Robin, I don't know how I've missed seeing your blog all this time....

So nice to see you and your sisters together.

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