Friday, August 12, 2011

Going home

J will be going home in three weeks.

We had the meeting yesterday. I wasn't expecting the transition to take place quite so fast, but they feel it's better to not keep kids in limbo very long. It's going to be a crazy, stressful time for her. She will meet her kindergarten teacher and see her school for the first time Tuesday morning. Then she will see her dad's house for the first time Tuesday afternoon. She starts school Thursday. She will have her first overnight visit a week from Sunday.

I'm not sure how she will handle it all. I think it is becoming very real to her now that we have a date. We saw some "disregulated" behavior last night. I know she's happy to finally have answers and to finally have a permanent home, but she knows what she's losing too.

Please keep praying for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Glad there is finally some closure for this little girl!
I know it will be hard for you all but God placed her in your lives for this season. Seeds were planted.
Will be praying for you all!

Kristal said...

Lifting you and J up as you start this process. May God protect her and bless her abundantly making the transition smooth.

A said...


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