Thursday, December 08, 2011

What's up

I just downloaded a graduation packet for Zach to participate in a homeschool graduation ceremony.  I'm pretty sure I'm not old enough to have a kid graduating from high school!

I'm still knitting.  I finished these socks just in time to keep my feet warm for the very wintery weather we had last weekend.

I also made this cupcake hat for a friend's daughter (Christmas gift).  I love the color combo!

I got the mantle decorated with our stockings.  Yes, I knit them all!

The nativities are up.

But still no tree.  Maybe tomorrow.

Greg's parents are coming for Christmas!  They will be here next week and stay through the new year.  We are all so excited to have them.

 Emily is still just as adorable as ever.  Usually.  Soon after that picture with the Veggie Tales nativity she through it down and broke off the star.  Gotta work on that temper!

Me and my big brother!

With her new doll, a gift from a friend for her adoption.
Planking on the stairs?!


Kristal said...

It's so fun to get to see pictures of your daughter now!

Love the socks!

Anonymous said...

Graduation! Been through two is a very emotional experience! LOVE all the pics! So happy for you all!

See Jamie blog said...

Wonderful projects, and of course your daughter is adorable, but just had to comment to say I ADORE that little cupcake hat!

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