Friday, February 10, 2012

Emily's Story

When we went through our foster care training, we learned a little about the importance of a life book.  Most foster kids don't have anything like a baby book or even photos of themselves.  They encourage foster parents to put together a life book or scrapbook for the child that tells his/her story.  Ideally the book stays with the child even if he is moved, adopted, or returns home. 

I never actually saw a life book and I really don't know what other people have done, but I did want to put together something for Emily that tells her story.  I wanted it to be something that I could start reading to her and showing her now so that she never remembers not knowing how she came to our family.  I've been working on her book for a few months now and finally finished it and ordered it today.

I used my scrap-booking software and created each page using the photos I've taken, plus the photos I received from Emily's former foster parents.  I kept the text on a preschool level.  When she's older, we'll be able to fill in the details for her as she's ready for more information.  I uploaded all the pages to Shutterfly and created a hardcover photo book.  I ordered 2 copies:  one to keep out and read/look at often and one to keep in her memory box so it stays nice.

Here's a few of the pages from the book.

There are pages about her first foster parents, her bio siblings, and about J among other things.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I can't wait to get the book and show Emily and start telling her her story!


Kristal said...

That is such wonderful idea and will be a treasure.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing thing for her to have! How blessed she is to have you for a mom!

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