Monday, May 21, 2012

Some things

1.  No house showings over the weekend.  :(  Still trusting God!  We have a realtor tour coming on Wednesday.  Hopefully we'll get some good feedback from that.

2.  Done with homeschooling!!!  Jon and Ben finished up Friday.  We have decided to put them in public school in the fall after the move to Virginia.  So we are really done - at least for now!

3.  Zach is moving out!  He will be moving into our friends' garage apartment on Wednesday.  I'm glad he's doing it now so he'll have a month with us still here to figure things out.

4.  Zach still doesn't have a second job. He's been putting in applications everywhere, but nothing so far.

5.  We are moving 5 weeks from today!!!

6.  House hunting trip is a week from tomorrow!

7.  Jonathan's knee is fine.

8.  Emily can count to 10 all by herself.

Guess that's it for now.  The dryer keeps buzzing at me.

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Kristal said...

So much happening!

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