Friday, June 08, 2012

Sibling visit

We met Emily's former foster family and bio siblings for dinner last night.  They were all so excited to get to see her. I'm so thankful that Emily will have a connection to her bio family.  It might not matter now at two years old, but someday it will.  It was interesting how comfortable she was with them.  She just knew these people were family.

Maddy, Emily, and Michael are full siblings.  Pretty obvious huh?!


Riley is Michael and Maddy's (thru adoption) sister.
I'm Facebook friends with the dad so we can share photos and such, but I definitely see coming back every year or two to keep Emily's connection with Michael and Maddy.


Kristal said...

It is a blessing that you are able to meet them and that Emily will know them as she grows up.

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful!! I'm happy that you have been able to keep this connection with them!

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