Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's up

I've been on a kick of knitting for others lately.

I made this scarf for my friend in Albuquerque.  I also crocheted a scarf for my niece, but forgot to get a pic.
 I made these hand warmers for a friend from college.
 I've got one sock done and one to go for my sister-in-law.
 I do have plans to knit for me too!  I've got yarn for socks and a scarf to keep me warm!


Greg's brother and his wife delivered this to us this week.
Isn't it beautiful?!!!  The previous owners had something similar for a well cover, but of course took it with them.  David decided to make us one.  He lives with severe back pain and had surgery just a few weeks ago, so I'm not sure how he got this done.  For sure it was a labor of love.  Doelyn was worried it would be too big (it looked huge when we saw it in their house last week), but it's perfect and looks great in our yard.


Here's my biggest news:

Zach is coming home!!!

He found out last week that our friends decided not to renew his lease on their garage apartment.  The only way he was able to afford staying in NM was because of the very low rent there.  He thought about getting a second job or trying to find a roommate, but decided that coming home would be best.  He's realized that he needs to get an education and needs the support of his family to make that happen.  We're proud of him for trying life on his own, but so very thankful that he's making a wise decision now.

We have already purchased a plane ticket for him to come for Christmas, so he'll go ahead and use that.  Then Greg will fly out the first week of January to pack him up and help him drive home.

I'm sure it's going to be a bit of a transition for all of us, be we are so glad he's coming home.  It will be nice to have all my kids under the same roof again!

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Kristal said...

LOVE the hand warmers! You are a fast knitter!

Yeah on Zach coming home! But good for him for giving it a try and being mature enough to know what his next steps should be.

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