Monday, December 19, 2005

Just playing around


I'm just playing around with these Smileys, seeing if this would work.

We're almost ready for Christmas. The boys have a half day of school tomorrow, then they are done for this year. Greg's parents will be here probably Thursday. The got stuck in Oklahoma City with icy roads. The boys are anxious for them to get here. I still need to go shopping one more time for stocking stuffers and get every thing wrapped. We will probably open presents Saturday morning and then have a big Christmas Eve dinner. Greg works 3-11 pm, then we have church (I'm singing and Zachary and I are playing a sax and flute duet) at 10am on Christmas morning. Greg will have to go to work as soon as church is over. Bummer! Sad

Merry Christmas everyone and remember Jesus is the real reason for the season!


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