Saturday, December 10, 2005

O Christmas Tree

We decorated the Christmas tree tonight. The boys have been begging me to get the tree out for 2 weeks. Well, now its done. I put the lights and ribbon on, but the boys did the rest. One more thing to check off my list. My Christmas cards are almost done too.

I've been doing lots of knitting. I finished everything for my sister: a scarf for her and Sarah, hats for Lauren, Christopher and Stephen. Now I'm working on hats for the boys for Christmas. I'm almost done with Jonathan's. I also did a "Holiday Swirls" dishcloth for fun from the Creative Knitting magazine. I want to do some more of those - very fun!

Life is busy, busy, busy!!!


Darin said...

Merry Christmas from the Perrine's !!! What a great idea Robin, you're a budding web junky for sure now. You and Christy will need to swap knitting stories... she's been knitting now for a while too. Hope you have snow in the mountains and that you and Greg get to go skiing over the holidays. We're hoping to go in January. Lots of snow on Mt. Hood. Say hello to Greg.

C ya,

Doelyn said...

Hi Everyone:

We really enjoy your pics. The kids are getting so big.

Well, we are not moving now until Feb :( The house is just not ready yet! We wanted to s l o w everything down and stop all the mistakes they are making because they are in such a rush. We'll let you know when the "big movin'date" is to be!
You are becoming quite the "crafty lady". I'm glad you are enjoying your hobby. Wish I had more time to craft. Maybe in a few years, so David says!

We are so thankful he has a new job. He starts tomorrow! No more "bully Col"!! God is good!

Love to all
Happy New Year!


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