Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Flower Delivery

I actually made a little money today. My friend Denise called this morning and asked if I was available to deliver flowers for her husband's flower shop. Today is Administrative Professional's Day (used to be Secretary's Day, guess there's no such thing as a secretary anymore!) and they were short delivery drivers. I have delivered for them the past 2 Valentines Days as a fund raiser for our church's women's ministries so I knew what to expect. I wasn't doing anything else (except going to the gym for a workout - skipped that), so I said yes. I took Benjamin to a friends house and took Zachary with me to help. We made 5 different deliveries, but 24 total arrangements (multiple arrangements to same business - for all the secretaries - oops, I mean administrative professionals). We worked about 2 hours and made $40. I gave Zachary $10. I really would have had a hard time on my own. So he was a big help. We figured out we used about $3 in gas. So, $37 - not bad for 2 hours work. I should do this more often. I wonder if they'll need help for Mother's Day!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!
Flowers Flowers Flowers Flowers

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Reed Family said...

Very cool! I think that would be awesome if you could do that for those special holidays. I'm sure Zachary LOVED making some extra cash! Now he can buy you a Mother's Day gift! :)

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