Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Last Soccer Game

Jonathan had his last soccer game of the season last Saturday. They won 4-1! The whole team sprayed their hair red. Jonathan thought that was great! On Jon's red hair it looked kind of pink. It was a great season: out of 8 games they won 6 and tied 2. Last fall I think they only won 2 or 3 games and most of the losses were blowouts. So they have improved a lot.

Here is Ben being silly with a cone.

I'm taking Zachary grocery shopping today. He is making dinner again on Thursday. He has a menu planned from the "Redwall Cookbook". He has been reading the Redwall series lately. They are medival stories, but with animals (badgers, foxes, hares, mice, etc.) Zachary highly recommends them. Anyway the author talks a lot about food and feasts in these books. So they made a cookbook. I'm not sure Zachary will actually eat what he's making (I'm sure Jon won't), but he says he'll try it. I'll take pictures and let you know how it goes.

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Reed Family said...

LOVE the red hair!

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