Friday, April 28, 2006

Zachary's Dinner

So Zachary's cooked dinner for us again last night (with some help from Mom). The menu, inspired by the Redwall Cookbook, was grilled chicken breasts (on the George Forman Grill), Mole's Favorite Deeper 'n' Ever Turnip 'n' Tater 'n' Beetroot Pie (potatoes, carrots and turnips), green beans, French bread, October Ale to drink (ginger ale and grape juice - very good), and Abbot's Special Abbey Trifle (angel food cake, raspberries, strawberries, vanilla pudding and real whipped cream- also very good) for dessert. Once again he did a great job and really enjoyed it. He needs practice on peeling and chopping vegatables - that took forever. Zachary tasted the potato, carrot, turnip dish, but didn't really like it. He's not big on vegatables, but at least he tried it. I wonder what his next meal will be!?

Anybody watch survivor last night? Go Cirie! Here I thought she was just doing whatever Shane told her. But she actually did something really smart and got Courtney voted off. Next week should be very interesting. I hope they vote off Shane next, he is wacko!


Reed Family said...

Very interesting choice for dinner! The dessert sounds yummy! I don't think I would like the veggie thing either but it is good that he tried it! Survivor was awesome! That girl pulled it OUT! I was very impressed. Usually the girls just follow the boys. It's so annoying! Anyway, I was glad Terry won immunity again! It was a great challange that I would have been out of right away! That was a great show but I still think they should have taken out Shane. He is irritating!

Lori Trewern said...

Way to go Zachary! I am proud of you. You are becoming a gourmet. You know, you may want to think about Culinary school as a career option. You could possibly have your own restaurant and everything! What do you think? Maybe you would let your old friend (and I mean old because I would be by then) help you out in your restaurant kitchen from time to time. What do you think???

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