Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Am I Crazy?

So, am I crazy? I am seriously considering homeschooling Jonathan next year as well as Zachary. A big reason is money. Private school is so expensive, plus the cost of gas for driving across town twice a day. But there are more reasons as well. I think Jonathan would do just as well if not better academically. We would not be spending 2 hours a day in the car. There would be time and money for drum lessons and practicing (he really wants to take lessons). The next year he could be in the homeschool band. I would be in charge of our schedule, not the school. I really don't think it would be that much harder since I'm already homeschooling Zachary. I've talked with him about it and he's ok with it. He's already registered for next year and I'm not sure I can get any of that money back. But I'm not worried about that. So, I'm thinking about it and praying about it. I'll keep you posted!


Reed Family said...

Sounds like a real adventure. From what I hear about the New Mexico schools it sounds like your only alternative. Maybe you could start a knitting group for all the home schoolers. That could be their home economics class! GO FOR IT!

Connie Moss said...

Way cool Robin!!!
Thanks for letting me know where you are ... have you been to see Kaye on her blog ... I fixed her's up for her .. Wonder Woman! ha!
This is a really neat blog .. I am going to have fun going through all your stuff!ha!
I will leave for now .. but, I will be back ...

Hugs, Connie

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