Monday, May 22, 2006

Baby Penguin

I finished another knitted stuffed animal. This baby penguin is much smaller than the lion. It turned out pretty good. Next up is a turtle for Benjamin!
Almost done with school! Jonathan has half days today through Wednesday. Thursday there is an awards ceremony and he can go after that. Zachary just has math left, so he has to do a page a page each day, then play Oregon Trail on the computer for fun (and learning!) Benjamin had his last day of preshool last Friday. Maybe we will go do something fun on Friday to celebrate another year finished.

My twin sister is moving to Houston, TX this week. Her husband is a JAG attorney in the army. He is getting out and going to work for a law firm in Houston. I am excited because they will be much closer to us (they are moving from Charlottesville, VA)

Have a great day!

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